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Products We Provide

Microcatheters (MC)

Tiny devices that make minimally invasive brain blood vessels procedures possible, safe & effective

Guide Wires (GW)

Devices used in therapy procedures for a broad range of conditions.

Les Liquid Embolic Systems(LES)

 An agent used in the treatment of internal malformations.

Flow Diverter stents

 For treating various vascular conditions, such as narrowed arteries.

Stent Retriever

Tiny medical mesh tubes designed to unclog blocked arteries, by safely removing any blood clots that caused the blockage.

Endovascular Coils

For treating cerebral hemorrhage & brain aneurysms

Services We Offer

Importing Premium Medical Products

Top notch medical products safely imported from around the World.

Health Professionals Consultancy Services

Professionals ready to provide catheterization-related consultancies when needed.

Marketing & Distributing Medical Products

Highly skilled staff trained to promote medical products & deliver shipments on time.

Health Professionals Intervention Services

Professionals ready to scrub in & participate in certain medical interventions.

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Health setbacks can happen anytime. We are always stocked and ready, and so should you.

Speed & Punctuality

Place your order today, and count on us to deliver on time.

24/7 Services

Day or night, we are ready to take your call and provide the needed ASAP

Licensed Medical Team

Trained professionals ready to scrub in, or provide catheterization-related consultancies when needed.

Competitive Prices

Place your order today, and count on us to deliver on time.

Quality & Quantity

Quantity is never an issue. For example, we can provide up to 15 stents at a time.

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