About Us

Who Are We?

Established in 2021, Al-OMDEH Medical is a privately-held licensed medical devices distribution company, specialized in premium healthcare solutions.

The company’s primary focus is the provision of interventional neuroradiology equipment and diagnostic radiology equipment; these are products and devices meant to treat and diagnose both vascular and cerebral conditions, fatal medical conditions that claim millions of lives around the World every year.

Strategy & Approach

At Al-OMDEH Medical we believe that working exclusively with a limited number of agencies grants us leverage competitors lack, especially in the Palestinian market. Such approach has been proven to enhance these agencies’ presence in the local market, allowing us to grant each with a bigger market share in no time.

We work closely with every client, completely focused on satisfying needs and fulfilling requirements, one client at a time. Areas our team excels in include -but are not restricted to- medical products/devices promotion. Equipped with a well-established sales background, hands-on experience in the local medical supplies market, and many more other skills and types of expertise, our team is here to deliver.

Since Palestine is considered a small country -geographically speaking-, our focused approach of targeting and marketing to the end user is extremely effective.


Delivering premier healthcare solutions for doctors and patients in Palestine, through importing and distributing unique products manufactured by esteemed international medical agencies, with a special focus on certain innovative products meant to increase the use of interventional neuroradiology in local Palestinian hospitals.

We thrive on customers’ satisfaction. We run smooth daily operations. We always deliver. Thus, building long-term service-oriented relationships with every client is what we do best.


Delivering the best care possible for every patient in Palestine, especially those diagnosed with strokes and aneurysms. Enhancing the quality of life for many, and saving more lives every day. 

Meet The Team

Doctors, pharmacists, scientists, logistics experts. Meet the passionate team changing lives every day.

Ph. Khaled Sabri

Founder & CEO

Founded the Company in 1969 in the city of Nablus. With his bright vision and resilience, he paved the path for years of success, and a promising future ahead.

Ph. Rola Melhem

Marketing Director

Mr. Suleiman Sabri

Sales Director

Eng. Raed Touqan

Business Development Director

Ph. Yousef Sabri

Warehouses Director

The faces that started it all

Our Team

Mohammad Zahaykeh

The founder & CEO of Al-OMDEH Medical. Mr. Zahaykeh holds an MBA degree from ONO Academic College, and is a professional with 13+ years of experience in the medical devices field.

Mr. Zahaykeh leads a team of highly skilled professionals, ready to serve 24/7.

Our team Includes:

  • Health professionals specialized in Interventional Neuroradiology/angiography.
  • 13+ years experts in the medical devices field.
  • Trained health professionals ready to scrub in, or provide catheterization-related consultancies.

Yahya Abu Hantash

Logistics Manager

Bassam Zahaykeh


Reem Zahaykeh


Ahmad Zahaykeh

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